Upholstered bedheads are timber board that is covered in a wadding and then your fabric of choice. Because Wink cares about the environment our upholstered bedheads are made differently from others. Rather than using foam (which never degrades once it is made), tetron, toxic glues and often cheaper wood, we use NZ wool, screws, and super low emission timber. The wool wadding is covered with the fabric from our range or your own choice and creates a beautiful ‘visual anchor’ for your bed in your bedroom.

Yes. We believe that this is the best option to give your bedroom a fully finished look, rather than stopping half way at the top of the mattress like some other bedheads (although we can make them like that if you prefer!). The bedhead stands behind your bed base and mattress and does not require any fittings, brackets or drilling into the wall. The weight of the bed keeps the bedhead in place. We do not find that skirting boards get in the way, but if you have particularly large skirting boards then we can make cut-outs to accommodate that. We use invisible plastic glides on the base of the bedhead to protect it.

For sure! We would love to chat to you and help you to create your dream bedroom. Please contact us, attach a photo of your room and your inspiration and we will get back to you with some suggestions and a tailored quote.

Sure, we love unique and customisable options! Please contact us and send a picture and info on what you would like and we’d be happy to make your dream come true. We will contact you to discuss and will send a tailored quote.

Because Wink cares about the environment our upholstered items are made differently from others. Rather than using foam (which never degrades once it is made), tetron, and toxic glues and wood, we use NZ wool, screws, and super low emission timber. The wool wadding is covered with your choice of fabric from our range or your BYO fabric. Calico lining fabric is used to cover the non visible parts of the furniture.

Yes we can make removable covers in the simpler models of Miro, Rose and Koromiko. This is a great option if you want to change out your cover wth the seasons, or for children as they grow. The bedhead under the removable cover will be upholstered in a simple organic calico. Please note that removable covers are not suitable for with piping or stud options, and are not as tight and streamlined a fit as a non-removable cover.

Self-piping means that the piping will be in the same fabric as the bedhead. We also have contrast piping in cream, navy or black available. Please CONTACT US if you have a different colour request.

Valances are a beautiful way to complete your dream customised bedroom. It is important to get the measurements correct in order to ensure the fit of the valance is perfect. At Wink we use the dimensions of Sleepyhead and BedsRus beds as standard. Please check the dimension of your bed and advise in the comments section if your length and width are different. When ordering your valance you will be asked for the height of the base of your mattress set – please ensure that you measure this so that the valance will just meet the floor/carpet for a smart tailored look.


Single - 910 x 1880cm

King Single - 1070 x 2030cm

Double - 1370 x 1880cm

Queen - 1530 x 2030cm

King - 1670 x 2030cm

Super King - 1830 x 2030cm

If you would like a contrasting corner insert, then please CONTACT US, and let’s talk about perhaps using your bedhead fabric, or cushion fabric, or we may even have the right amount of the perfect fabric in our workroom!

You sure can. Wink bedheads are all freestanding, but we can provide you with a wall fix kit if you would prefer. We use a two part split rail wall mount that requires you to drill into your wall. Instructions are provided. Please select this option at checkout.

We love making special bedheads for your little friends – you will find them under the ‘KIDLETS’ section. These beds are perfect for young kids starting out in their first ‘big bed’, through to teens. We make all of our styles in single and king single which come in 1200mm high as standard and our double beds come standard as 1300mm high, and all heights can be adjusted to suit. We have a great selection of kids fabrics and are also happy to use your own BYO fabric. We also make removable covers for kids beds which is a great option for ensuring that the choice of fabric can be changed as your kidlet matures.

Because we care about our environment, we use feather inners that are made with 100% New Zealand duck feathers that are ethically sourced as a by product from ducks farmed in the Waikato.


We have carefully selected our range of fabrics with quality and style in mind. All are great for bedheads (which are leaned up against, rather than sat on). However, some fabrics are lighter weight than others so are better suited to those who are less tough on their environment, or as cushions, whereas others are perfect for footstools that may be sat on. Please read the descriptions accompanying the fabric images.

Please note that the fabric images on our website are intended as visual representations only and all designs are not 100% to scale, and an exact colour match cannot be guaranteed on screen.

Sure thing. Please select the FABRIC SAMPLES option, then select up to 5 samples for $10, which is redeemable on purchase. We’ll mail them to you within a few days. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our sample range then please contact us as there are often other colour choices in the fabric ranges. We also offer BYO fabric service on all our Wink products.

There are additional colours available in most of our fabrics. Please contact us to chat about other options that might be perfect for you.

Some fabrics are hardier than others, if you have concerns please talk to us and we can discuss options with you. Please also read the descriptions accompanying the fabric images.

All fabrics will fade if exposed to sunlight, so avoid direct sunlight as this is not covered under warranty. You may clean your bedhead and ottoman with your vacuum cleaner, using the appropriate attachment and a low suction setting. We do not recommend spot cleaning for natural fabrics.

Absolutely! Once you have selected your model and size of headboard, valance, ottoman, cushion or lampshade, simply select ‘BYO fabric swatch’. We recommend you talk to us first to check the suitability of your fabric, and ensure that you have enough, and allowing for pattern repeats if applicable.

If you need help sourcing fabric we are happy to help and can recommend fabric houses for you to visit. We are also happy to order fabric on your behalf. Please contact us.

Please send to:

23 Balmoral Lane
Redcliffs, Christchurch

Please ensure that your surname and order reference number are clearly noted with your fabric, whether you are sending it yourself, or it is coming direct from the supplier. Please also indicate the correct side of the fabric and note any special instructions.

We will confirm receipt of your fabric and then your item will go into the workshop for production.

We are continually updating and improving our fabric collection. If we have sent you a swatch of fabric and you are now unable to find it, please contact us and we will endeavour to either source that, or a great alternative, so that you are happy.

If it is still available, then absolutely. Please contact us with your request.

Sizes & Measuring

Wink bedheads are a variety of heights depending on the model chosen. The majority of our bedheads are a standard height of 1300mm or a tall option of 1500mm. Exceptions are: the Lily which needs to accommodate the full curve of the half circle and therefore the King is 1350mm and Super King is 1550mm; and the Mulberry which is 1650mm. Kidlets Single and King Singles are 1200mm high. Please also see our size guide.

We base our standard heights for each design to look great on a bed height of 600mm – 650mm high, however if you want a very impactful look, or your bed is higher than that you may want to consider the tall option. It’s a good idea to cut out a piece of paper or attach a string at the height of your proposed model behind your bed to see if you’re happy with the look of it.

Tall option makes your bedhead taller by 200mm. This is added as an extension to the bottom of your bedhead in the same fabric as the main body. Depending on your chosen fabric, and your bedhead model there may be a seam joining the fabric together. As this is low down it will be barely noticeable, especially if you have a bedside table, but if this is a concern for you please contact us to discuss.

Our bedheads are designed to be just a little wider than the mattress size so that it looks proportionally correct, fully finished and pleasing to the eye.

Our widths are based on the standard mattress sizes of Sleepyhead and BedsRUs.

Single Mattress Size - 910cm (Wink Width - 980cm)

King Single Mattress Size – 1070cm (Wink Width – 1140cm)

Double Mattress Size – 1370cm (Wink Width - 1440cm)

Queen Mattress Size – 1530cm (Wink Width – 1600cm)

King Mattress Size - 1670cm (Wink Width - 1740cm)

Super King Mattress Size – 1830cm (Wink Width – 1900cm)

Wink bedheads are slimmer at 40mm than most other bedheads. This is due to our unique sustainable construction using natural wool instead of the usual synthetic foam and tetron. Our bedheads therefore still look plush and have a firm upholstery which is perfect for leaning against propped up with pillows when reading in bed etc.

Yes we are happy to make your Wink Bedhead in the perfect size for you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We do not find that skirting boards get in the way, but if you have particularly large skirting boards that are more than about 2.5cm deep then we can make cut outs to accommodate that. Please let us know the height and width of your skirting and we can tailor the back of the frame so that the bedhead will sit flush against the wall.

Hopefully! Contact us with the measurements of the positions of your power points and we’ll see if we can come up with a solution for you.