Your guilt-free, designer-style bedroom best friend.

Your guilt-free, designer-style bedroom best friend.

To all the newbies around here - hi and welcome to Wink where we aim to inspire and help you to awaken your bedroom and create your dream bed scene with fabulous bedheads, valances and more! 

I’m Lisa Sinke, owner and designer at Wink. I’m an interior designer and a lover of travel. Having stayed in amazing and unique boutique hotels, I wanted to be able to achieve that dream bedroom style at home but as I was unable to find the kind of pieces for sale that matched my vision, I decided to create my own. Upon realising that many others also wanted to have their own personalised bedheads and accessories I embarked on starting up Wink.

Through that process, I discovered that the conventional materials used in the making of bedheads are harmful to the environment. I’m passionate about the health of our planet, so I decided to find a better way of doing it. After a middle of the night brainwave, and a good process of research and prototyping, I am thrilled that Wink now offers products that align with my ethics, are good for our world and that I am proud to offer to you.

I am proud to bring stunning environmentally-minded, designer style into your home. Our custom-made Wink bedheads, cushions, valances and lampshades are made to be as sustainable (and stylish) as possible and I hope they exceed your bedroom dreams!✨


Ordering a bedhead from Wink is as easy as a click of a few buttons! 

In 5 simple steps you can create your custom bedhead and have it delivered to your door.

You can find out more about our sustainable substitutions and their benefits (for you and our planet!) on our website here.

View all our fabrics here and order some swatches if you’d like to start the process of ordering your custom Wink bedhead.