Wink's Bedhead Style FAQs

Wink's Bedhead Style FAQs

Hi Winklets!

The process of deciding on your dream bedhead is usually a mixture of fun, creativity, practicality and sometimes a bit of indecision. Some people have a clear idea from the outset what they are after, but often we find that customers are keen to chat and explore options. We are totally on board with that!

We are well practiced at answering all your questions and have yet to be stumped for an answer (but feel free to test us out on this!). Our website has a pretty comprehensive section dedicated to FAQs, but here are some of the most frequent Frequently Asked Questions.



1. What actually are upholstered bedheads?

An upholstered bedhead is a timber base that is covered in a soft layer and then your outer fabric of choice. Because Wink cares about the environment our upholstered bedheads are made differently to others. Rather than using the usual foam (which never biodegrades once it is made), tetron, toxic glues and often unsusustainable wood, we use NZ wool, screws, and FSC timber. The wool wadding is covered with the top fabric from our range or your own choice and creates a beautiful ‘visual anchor’ for your bed in your bedroom.


2. What height should a bedhead be?

There are multiple elements of your bedroom that will play a factor when deciding on the height of your bedhead. At Wink we can recommend a height depending on the finished look you are going for. If you have a high stud height to fill you may opt for a tall finish for your bedhead or decide on our Mulberry bedhead to fill the space. If you are after a contemporary wall to wall look then often a lower height works best. Super king bedheads often look more proportionally correct if they are a bit taller. Also to consider is if you have special art piece to hang over the bedhead.


3. How do I decide on the right fabric?

There are soooo many wonderful fabrics available there really isn’t one ‘right’ fabric for your situation. But we totally understand getting a little obsessed over some of the gorgeous fabrics and needing that particular one!

We believe that all fabrics can be versatile and should be considered based on the final look and feel you are wanting to achieve rather than a trend or your location. We are always happy to assist with your fabric choice for your unique space and send swatches to you so that you can get to experience the fabric in your home environment. Fabrics can look different depending on the light in a room or the style of the bedhead so that is something that we can also discuss with you.The fabrics seen on our website are just a small snapshot of what it available FYI!

We welcome all photos of your room, colours or even pics that you are using as inspiration for your bedhead so that we can help guide you if you’re unsure.


4. How does my bedhead stay up against the wall?


Haha just kidding. At Wink we like to make our bedheads floorstanding as we think that is the best option to give your bedroom a fully finished look (although we are completely happy to make them half height above the mattress if you prefer). The bedhead stands behind your bed base and mattress and does not require any fittings, brackets or drilling into the wall and the weight of the bed keeps the bedhead in place. However, if you prefer a wall fitting then we have that option covered for you also.


5. How do I care for my bedhead?

Given that we spend a THIRD of our lives in bed it’s natural that stuff will happen, whether it be sun fade, normal dust, inadvertent whoopsies, or just oil from hair.

Generally cleaning your bedhead with a soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner on a low suction setting is enough to keep it clean. We do not recommend spot cleaning with cleaning product. If you have concerns about your bedhead coming into contact with dirt then we can advise on fabrics to choose from that have inherent fabric protection properties.


6. Best bedhead for a small room?

This is a toughy as it is quite dependent on the actual room but our usual advice is to not overwhelm a small bedroom and stick to something simple and not too ornate. Play with scale in the room by adding shorter furniture (including your bedhead) to create the illusion of taller ceilings or use colours that reflect the light to make the room look bigger.

Or a fun alternative is to really lean into the small room vibe and envelope the room with a whole tented bed setting…..


7. How quickly can I get my bedhead? I want it NOWWW!!

We know, we know!

Timing can vary depending on the fabric selected and the time of the year (Xmas delivery anyone?!). If the fabric is already available in NZ then usually you’ll receive your bedhead in about 4 weeks, if fabric is coming from overseas then you’ll need to add on another couple of weeks. If you have particular time constraints then will will work with you to try and make what you need happen.

Thanks for reading - we hope you found this useful/interesting. Please see all our FAQs on our website, or reach out if you have any other questions that this may have brought up for you. As always - we’re here and happy to help you get your dream bedhead!


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