Wink winter warmers

Wink winter warmers

Winter is the perfect time to evaluate your wardrobe and add some plush knits, perhaps a wool scarf, a new coat, or a pair of boots. Well the same can go for your bedroom! Winter-proofing your bedroom is easier than you think, with just a few changes and additions you’ll feel cozier in no time. Here is what we at Wink like to add to our bedroom in winter:

1. Blankets

Nothing screams cozy more than a delicious wool blanket!! It not only adds the practicality of warmth to your bed but it can also add richness to your bedroom and allow you to refresh your space every so often with a simple change of your wool blanket.

Blankets pictured below from (1) Exquisite Wool Blankets (2) Shear Warmth (3) Foxtrot Home

2. Texture

What’s more dreamy than adding some texture to your space?? Textures like velvet, wool and bouclé can bring a sense of calm and comfort to your bedroom, whilst elevating it. Texture can come in so many shapes and forms in your bedroom, you might look to investing in a gorgeous bouclé bedhead or purchase some velvet cushions to add some layers to your bed. Either way, you’ll never go wrong adding those touches of texture to your bedroom. 

3. Sheepskin 

    Throws, rugs, footstools or beanbags - what better way to winter-proof your bedroom than by adding some sheepskin goodies to it! As you already know, we at Wink LOVE wool so naturally we’re real suckers for some gorgeous sheepskin additions in the bedroom! Not only stylish but also fabulously natural.

    4. Lighting

    Ambience is everything when it comes to creating a cozy space, and lighting is a crucial part when creating that ambience. Replacing any bright white light in lamps and overhead fixtures with soft, warm bulbs is the first step to making your bedroom more snug. Adding some scented candles is the next step. Not only does it soothe your senses but you can easily change them up depending on the season, or even your mood.

    Pictured below: (1) Wink custom lampshade, (2) Lyttelton Lights candle

    5. Hot chocolate! 

    Not a necessity but we do highly recommend ;-) A hot choccie in bed is ALWAYS a good idea and a great way to warm up before your slumber or as you wake up! It also provides your partner an opportunity to score some bonus points if they make it and bring it to you in bed!

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