The Guests Are Coming!!

The Guests Are Coming!!

It is that time of year again! Out-of-town friends and family are gearing up to visit and stay with you for the holidays so the preparation of the guest bedroom is about to begin. If you’ve stepped into your guest bedroom and felt like it is in need of a zhoosh up but don’t know where to begin then this is for you! 

Here are some ways - big and small - to give your guest bedroom a freshen up and maybe even a new look.

Fall in love with a fabric and use it as your starting point

If you have found a fabric that you can’t stop thinking about then we’d suggest using it for curtains or a bedhead in your guest room. Once that’s decided then use it as your starting point and work outwards to the decor and accessories in the room, making sure that everything works together and towards complimenting that gorgeous fabric that you’ve chosen.

Custom made bedheads, Miro bedhead from Wink

Make a statement

What we love most about guest bedrooms is that they are the rooms in the house where you can really push the boundaries and perhaps go for different options than you normally would.

Of course, you probably want the room to ‘talk’ with the rest of your decor, but injecting a bit of colour or a different pattern or texture can be refreshing and actually quite liberating. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how a revamped room can immediately give a whole new feeling to a somewhat lesser-used part of your house. Select other fabrics and textures to connect the feel of the rest of the house with your guest room to ensure the room still talks the same language with the greater house, even if it’s now with a cute little accent!

Add texture through your walling

Don’t be afraid to explore patterns over paint when it comes to your walling. Wallpaper is a fabulous way to add texture to your guest room and will also contribute towards giving your guests those luxury hotel vibes! You can even choose paper-backed fabric to cover your walls to really go the extra luxe mile. Delicious!

Make your bedhead the focal point

A bedhead can work as a piece of art in a room and we believe it should be treated as such! A custom-made bedhead is the best way to add that wow factor to your guest bedroom by achieving one (or more) of these three things: 

  • the height and width are perfectly suited for the room, 

  • the shape is flamboyant yet elegant, 

  • and the fabric chosen draws in the eye as one enters the room and anchors the whole scheme.

Dress your side table

Don’t forget about the smaller details as they can have a big impact too! If you’re after a guest room that simply exudes tranquility and comfort: add some fresh flowers, a candle, water carafe and drinking glasses to your guest’s bedside table.

Add some fresh linen

One of life’s little luxuries includes fresh linen sheets. 100% flax linen is utterly delicious to sleep on, hypoallergenic and great for hot sleepers. Your guests will love you for it and you’ll love the lavish look and feel it adds to the room. Bamboo sheets are another option that we’re loving - sustainable and so silky. Mmmmm!

Finishing touches

When it comes to bedroom lighting, determining whether it’s too bright or too dim is not the only thing to consider. Although it is important to be sure the room has good ambient light, you can also have fun with your bedside lamps by customising your lampshades in the fabric of your choice. 

Another good way to elevate your guest bedroom is through the use of cushions. Whether they are the centrepiece of your room or a subtle addition to the decor, comfort and style should both be prioritised when selecting your guest bedroom cushions.

What if the guest room is not a guest room?!

Even if it’s the room normally inhabited by your teenager who is ‘kindly’ moving in with their younger sibling for the duration - your guests will love and appreciate your thoughtful touches. See para above on dressing your side table. Grab some flowers from the garden and pop them into a jam jar, and leave your latest glossy mags or much enjoyed novel on the side also. Who doesn’t love a sweet thoughtful touch to make them feel at home?

So the guests are lined up, the fridge is bursting, and the excitement is mounting - time to get cracking and get that room sorted out. Big or small tweaks will go a long way every time. 

We all love being made welcome, don’t we? 😍

Happy holidays all!

xx Lisa