How to choose your dream bedhead

How to choose your dream bedhead

Time for a room makeover? We get it! Considering we spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping, we’d say that your bedroom is a pretty important room to pay attention to! 

Because a bedhead is such an important anchoring element in a bedroom we just know it’s at the top of the list when you’re looking at doing a refresh 😉 so here are some guidelines to help you when choosing your new fab bedhead:


1. Determine your shape and style

 First things first, you need to decide what style suits your bedroom and best reflects you, whether that be contemporary, traditional, minimal, boho or otherwise. Start by sourcing inspiration from other bedrooms you like and take note of the bedhead shape and style they have used. Try to envision that bedhead in your room and decide whether you feel it would elevate your bedroom or if maybe another style would be better suited.

💡 Wink Tip: make a mental note of whether you’ll need a tall or extra wide bedhead. This will also play a factor when deciding on your shape! 

2. Discover your colours

Another important factor to consider is your colour palette. By choosing a colour palette it helps you to focus on a set theme throughout your space. Start with the main colour of your bedroom and then note at least two or three supplementary colours. Once these have been determined you’ll find that choosing a fabric for your bedhead is a lot easier and you’ll flow onto exploring different textures or patterns, if that’s what you’re after!

💡Wink Tip: We provide a swatches service delivered directly to you to help with finding your perfect fabric.

3. Choose the mood

 Think about how you want your bedroom to make you feel. Do calming light and warm tones with a curved bedhead set the right mood for your bedroom? Or do bolder, bright tones with an avant garde bedhead sound a bit more you? Determine what your bedroom means and does for you and then dress it up to fill that need.

💡Wink Tip: We’re happy to help mull over your options with you, and love it when our customers share their inspo pics and photos of their rooms!

4. Accessories and all the extras

Now that you’ve chosen your bedhead’s shape and style that best compliments your bedroom, it’s time to find some accessories to compliment your gorgeous bedhead and finish off the overall look! A perfectly made valance, some patterned cushions, unique lampshades or a velvet footstool can make for some fun finishing touches to a bedroom.

💡Wink Tip: We also do accessories!

Once you’ve come to a decision on the above, you are ready to design your very own custom-made bedhead that will complete your bedroom look!
Head over to Bedheads on our website and start exploring our Wink shapes, fabrics and finishes and begin creating your dream bedhead.