Fabrics We're Crushing On And Scheming Over

Fabrics We're Crushing On And Scheming Over
At Wink, fabrics are our jam. We love a great bedhead shape of course or a well-fitted valance, and we’re allllll about sustainability – but fabrics are that extra yummy part of a bedhead, valance, or cushion that really makes your scheme sing.
Whether it be a delicious fabric in a beautiful textural and tonal neutral, or a statement artisanal textile, we love them all.
Having access to so many beauties really gets our creativity flowing, and whilst it’s very hard to choose favourites, and of course we really never could (!), we thought we’d shine a light on some of the gorgeous textiles that we’re loving currently.
This is the hit textile of the moment. So luxe, with its soft knobbly texture it is mainly seen in muted neutral tones as shown here, but is also available in stronger colours if that is your preference. Boucle has a nostalgic nod to the 70s, but with a great contemporary twist and it’s an absolute winner in our books. Here we can see it looking stunning used on our Olive bedhead.
Ticking is such a fantastic timeless classic that never seems to fade from fashion and especially at the moment it seems to be enjoying a resurgence. Ticking was originally used to cover mattresses and pillows, but due to its great design it has crossed over to be used in interiors. 
The hallmark of a ticking stripe is a central coloured broad stripe with a thin stripe either side which gives the illusion of a wider stripe, but is softer around the edges. Clever huh?! Here are a couple of different suppliers’ versions of ticking – both of which are exceptionally lovely.

The perennial! Velvet never fails. At Wink we know you love velvet so much that we feature three different types. We have the Bespoke luxury velvet which has viscose to create a lustrous, plush finish with an antiqued surface.
As a contrast to the luxury velvet we have Deluxe which is a modern take on classical velvet, with a short dense pile that shows minimal shading and as it is a Fibreguard fabric is very robust and stain-resistant.
And thirdly we feature a range of rather cool sumptuous quilted velvets with retro inspired diamond stitched patterns. This range also is made with Fibreguard technology so is great for practicality.



Florals are always desired, and whilst their styles change as fashions change, we will never be without them.
On our website, we feature a gorgeous linen floral range Leila, which comes in three stunning colourways. Here we see featured two of them and used in different applications of bedhead, valance and cushions. All looking utterly delicious we think!



So in love with these beautiful handprinted designs from Whiteman & Mellor! These fabrics are utterly charming and are inspired by Indian motifs and historical designs and draw on archival document prints. The beautiful designs are printed on linens and cottons and are sure to become future classics.



Our friends at Hemptech have wonderful 100% natural fabrics. Using natural Hemptech fabrics to cover your sustainable Wink bedhead is the ultimate way to go! Their philosophy of designing beautiful, high quality, natural and sustainable fabrics that inspire through aesthetics, colour and texture is one that we wholeheartedly get behind.



Oat Studio textiles, designed by Sarah Annand, draw heavily on her background of art, photography, and architecture. The graphic prints centre on dissecting the shapes of building facades and creating new architectural compositions with fractured images.

The textile designs are printed on excellent quality linen base cloth in a thoughtful colour palette.



And to round off our offerings of fabrics we love how could we go past the absolute gorgeousness that is kids fabrics? So much joy, so much colour, and so much to love!

We have a few favourites featured on our website, and we have access to many more besides so please sing out if you’d like to look into some other options, but we’ll finish off by showing two of our gorgeous kids bedheads that we have made which are bound to put a smile on your dial!


So there you have it – a look into some of our fave fabrics of the moment BUT there are soooo many more that we equally could have showcased.

Hopefully this has inspired you to look around at the many different options available – if we don’t have a particular fabric you desire on our website then we are happy to help source the perfect fabric, or equally happy to use whatever you find also (depending on suitably for purpose).

Let’s get creative together and awaken your bedroom!!

xx Lisa