Bed Rotting: The Cosy Phenomenon Taking Over!

Bed Rotting: The Cosy Phenomenon Taking Over!

So, What on EARTH is Bed Rotting?!

Hi Winklets!

Bed Rotting is the latest trend since the pyjama onesie, and one that we are fully on board with! No, it's not a typo or a gardening mishap, it's all about turning your bed into a fortress of comfort and relaxation and allowing yourself to completely unwind after a full week in the name of self-care. It’s the art (and we use that term very loosely here) of wrapping yourself up in your blanket like a human bed burrito and indulging in a loooong scrolling sesh, losing yourself in a book, or watching a whole lot of nothing on Netflix.

The aim here is learning to allow yourself to park up in bed for an extended time without feeling guilty and, in small doses, it’s shown to help calm the body and help ease stress and exhaustion, making it especially beneficial for those who work long hours in a mentally or physically demanding role.


How Did Bed Rotting Come About?

The origins of Bed Rotting are a bit mysterious, but it's safe to say it's a response to the hustle and bustle of modern life. In our fast-paced world, where work never seems to stop, and the to-do list is always growing, people are craving a retreat that's just steps away from their daily chaos.

Enter Bed Rotting: the ultimate way to unwind and escape from the world's demands. It's a rebellion against the idea that the bed is only for sleeping. Why not turn it into your own personal oasis for a spa day, a movie marathon, or a cosy breakfast for one?


The Rules of Bed Rotting (If There Are Any)

The beauty of Bed Rotting is that there are no strict rules. You make them as you go along. Want to spend an entire morning reading in bed? Go for it! Feel like indulging in a breakfast-in-bed picnic? Absolutely. The only rule that seems to be universal is: if it makes you feel relaxed and happy, it's a Bed Rotting win!

So, if throwing on your comfiest PJs, grabbing a snack and spending your morning snuggled up in your bed sounds like what you need right now, then Rot away friends! 

Thanks for reading - we hope you found this as fun and interesting as we did!

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