5 ways to elevate your bedroom

5 ways to elevate your bedroom
At Wink, naturally enough, we’re alllll about a good bedroom vibe.
Here are a few tried and true ideas for zhooshing up your bedroom to help give it that everyday luxe feels.


Bring the outside inside
Flowers, greens, even some artful small branches are a fantastic way to get nature working on your side. Breathing new life into a space can be as simple as adding some greenery, it can be a vase with some fresh flowers (store-bought or from your garden) or a plant placed on your bedside table or in the corner of the room. It’s the perfect way to add a feel-good factor into a room and a bonus is that a lot of indoor plants act as air purifiers!

Ignite your senses
If you’re searching for something to bring a warm ambient feeling, a candle or incense at your bedside may help with that. Find your favourite scent and light it when you get home to help relax and rejuvenate after your day. Another goodie is using room spray, or even do as I have been known to and use up one of your less favourite perfumes that you wouldn’t wear yourself, but is great for your room!

Indulge in luxury linen
Go back to basics. Instead of taking the budget route (often false economy!) we encourage you to buy less and buy better by choosing to invest in good sheets made with natural materials. 100% cotton will definitely feel better and last longer than poly cotton. The current trend for 100% flax linen is utterly delicious to sleep on, hypoallergenic and great for hot sleepers. Other natural options are bamboo and silk. There’s heaps to talk about re bed linen so we might do a dive into that another time – but the important thing to remember is that good quality linen can provide a longer-lasting comfort, are potentially better for the environment AND you may also find you have a better night’s sleep!

Layer up
One of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to cosy-up your bedroom: add layers! This can be cushions, statement pillows, a folded quilt at the bottom of the bed or simply draping a throw across the bottom corner. The best part is that you can easily change it up as you like and create a fresh new look each time.

Treat yourself!
Luxury in the bedroom is often perceived as champagne on ice and swan-folded towels, and although I’m sure we’d all love to come home to that each day, it’s most likely not gonna happen. You can still feel like you’re walking into a luxury hotel room every day though with one simple purchase: yes, you know it - a bedhead!!
A perfectly made, just right for you, custom-made bedhead draws in the eye and can immediately elevate your room through minimum effort. Whether it be calm and subtle or loud and proud, a bedhead anchors your room and gives your bed the starring role that it deserves.

The finishing and all important touches!!
At Wink we're all about giving you the 'Total Package' of bedroom good looks.

Did you know that we also make custom made, high quality, properly fitted and fully lined valances? These are made to your exact dimensions, and can be made in any material you like. Matching the fabric with your bedhead is fantastic for a fully cohesive look, or picking out another colour/texture/pattern is also a great way to go. Our lining is natural organic calico - which helps to make your valance drape so well and look fantastic for years - no droopy or saggy bits!

As mentioned previously cushions are a great way to add colour, texture, pattern and we can help you with that of course! We are proud to say that our feather inners are ethically sourced from NZ ducks.

Another finishing touch are custom made lampshades to perfectly suit your bedroom scheme. And yes, you guessed it, we can make these for you also! Any fabric you like (as long as it's suitable for purpose) can be used to great effect on a bedside table. And again our sustainability ethos holds true and we make our lampshades in the old school methodology of using card rather than plastic liners.

Remember – your bedroom is for YOU, so make sure that it ticks all YOUR boxes – after all, you will be spending a lot of time in it!