2024 trend forecasts - roundup by Wink

2024 trend forecasts - roundup by Wink

Over the New Year break I diligently listened to podcasts and read industry missives regarding forecasts and trends for the forthcoming year in order to report back to you (in between the odd novel, many swims, and lots of gardening and fivesies) and have found many common themes, and some weird outliers ('Dopamine Decor' anyone?).

So here we go - 2024 will bring a little bit of this following, and a whole lot more I'm sure!!.......



Firstly starting with this year's much anticipated Pantone Colour of the Year ...drum roll... 'Peach Fuzz'. I kid you not, yes ahem *PEACH*! Actually the commentary around what this colour represents is actually quite lovely:

"In seeking a hue that echoes our innate yearning for closeness and connection, we chose a color radiant with warmth and modern elegance. A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the youthful with the timeless."
Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute™

I mean that sounds quite fabulous right? And look at all these great images of peachy goodness....



Yes I know, brown sounds so yawn, however this is really an embracing of all that is akin to nature with the descriptors being:  

warmth, nurturing, soothing, earthy yet refined, and laid back sophistication. 

So the quiet luxury trend continues but dials it up a notch with deeper and more vibrant, moody tones than the creams of last year, including reaching the depth of burgundy and maroons, although light shades are still loved. Basically anything neutral that takes us away from the cool grey interiors of the minimalist life (shudder!) is a go. We're looking at tones that feel transportive and convey an experience - which all screams snuggle fest to me and we're totally on board with that! 



Have you seen all the arches in your feeds lately? Architecture (residential and commercial) with rounded walls? And those curved boucle sofas? Well that sums up the vibe - time to embrace those curves girls!

Plus lots of texture - whether it be walls, stonework, softened naturalistic gardens, or in our case lots of yummy textural materials. 

Basically gone are the days of clean linear everything matching up perfectly, instead we're seeing the imperfect and authentic. 

One commentator said “Picture the vibe of 2024 like a cozy hug from your favorite sweater" - imagine sleeping in that?! Ahh bliss.

You can get your Wink curves from our Bramble and Karekare bedheads especially, but also Juniper, Rata and Olive. And of course we have lots of delicious textural fabrics to cover them in 🤍🤍🤍


Metallics are going to have their moment to shine (see what I did there), especially golden tones, including bronze and antique brass. Metallics these days do not have to be matchy matchy - it's totally ok to mix metals, which goes back to as mentioned above with the leaning into imperfect, textural vibes. Think bedhead studs complementing bedside lights, complementing picture frames all in different tones, but playing off each other. 

Another way of bring metallics in is with shimmery fabrics. Please note we are not talking all out Elvis shiny jacket material here, but more of a subtle sheen, but if you really want to pull out your disco ball to hang above your bed then we are not judging!



Move over the days of 10,000 bed cushions (phew say our partners!) - the look now is tending towards 2 or 4 slim pillows, covered by a textural bedspread/linen, then topped with perhaps two small cushions or one long bolster. Think the more minimal styles of the 1920-30s and '50-60s, and less the department store bed settings of more recent times.

Bolsters tend to need to be made bespoke, which we of course can do for you to tie in with your scheme. Either like a stretched out rectangle cushion, or as a round sausage, and with piping, flange or even ruffles are great options.

Top tip - a bolster is actually a grrreat idea for those with superking beds as they tend to hide that awkward big gap between the pillows.


Last but definitely not least, and one that we are of course extremely passionate about at Wink is sustainability which has this year made it's way into being touted as a 'trend', but is also obviously so much more than that. I will explore this further in a dedicated piece later on but could not miss out highlighting this key 'trend' briefly here. 

As we all know, many companies are incorporating sustainable and ethical practices into their day to day which is wonderful. However from a customers perspective previously it was seen as a 'nice to have', but now 2024 is bringing a new wave of eco-conscious design consumers who are actively seeking sustainable, local and natural elements when making purchasing decisions. Bravo!

At Wink we choose to substitute sustainable materials for toxic materials wherever possible (eg NZ wool instead of foam, screws instead of glues, sustainable timber recycled cardboard rather than plastics etc), and we champion local products and local production. These practices have been inbuilt into Wink since inception, and it is fabulous to see so many other companies do likewise. Better for our planet, better for our companies, and better for us all. 


Thanks for being here. As ever, I'm always available for chats, bouncing ideas off, advice etc - whether your plans involve the so-called 'trends' as mentioned above, or your own long held dream!

xx Lisa